Emofix – Bluetooth Smartphone Camera Controller

Emofix is a product out of Germany that was originally started on Indegogo.

Emofix allows you to remotely take pictures or videos from your bluetooth connected mobile device.


A Little Background On This Review

I was fortunate enough to receive a free Emofix product in January to test.

You can see a full video of my unboxing and product/app review on our Madusability Youtube Channel.

Price: $35


Product Quality: 5 out of 5

Usability: 4 out of 5


  • High-quality metal casing
  • Water Resistant
  • Over 2 years battery life (taking 30 photos/day)
  • +30 ft range
  • Easy connection via bluetooth to both Android/iOS devices
  • Activates photo or video on mobile device

My Emofix Experience

  • Ease of Use – Installation is quick and simple using your bluetooth connection, LED light when connected/not connected
  • Hardware Design – great design, doesn’t look cheap, eyelit for quick attachment to bag or wrist strap
  • Hardware Quality – High quality metal construction, very durable
  • Range Strength – easily over +30 ft – line of sight I was able to reach 135ft (41.1 meters)
  • Ergonomics –easy to hold, fits nicely in hand
  • Devices/Accessories used to test – iPhone 6, Nexus 5, Gorillapod and Bower Tripod

This was a really fun device to test out and use in a variety of settings. I found the device really useful when needing to take pics when playing with my kids and my hands are full and no other adults were around.

I wanted to test the EmoFix in water, so I went a little “Mad” crazy by jumping into our swimming pool in January. It was a simmering 45 degrees that day…but this is what I do for product testing 🙂


Of course I had to try out a slow-motion capture from my mobile phone as well. I pressed the button on the EmoFix before take-off and after, when I was underwater. It worked flawlessly as you can see from the video below.




I also tested the EmoFix underwater by leaving the device submerged for about 1 hour and then retesting. It still worked great.

I took a few more fun action shots where I was holding the EmoFix (+ kids) with my Gorillapod + iPhone 6 setup to take pictures. It was easy to hold the device in my hand and using a wrist strap would make it even more accessible during activities.

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My daughter got hold of the EmoFix (without me knowing) and easily used it, as I found a ton of selfies on my camera roll.

IMG_3523  IMG_3527  IMG_3493

Another fun Slomo video that we took:

Testing the range of the device, I was pretty impressed as I was able to reach about 135ft (41.1m) from my iPhone 6 and still able to take pictures using the Emofix device.

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Simple UI / UX

What I really like with the device is the simplicity as well. There is only one button that does everything (turn on, active camera) and there is an LED that rapidly flashes when it’s locating a device and when it’s connected, it flashes intermittently. This immediate visual feedback is really important to a user to know if the devices is connected or if the connection has dropped. If the device doesn’t connect within 40 second it stops automatically.

Bottom Line: Is the EmoFix Right for You?

When viewing other devices in the market: Camkit, Alaska Life, Mooni, Gadgin – Price points were all similar ($15-$35), though you can see some are made from plastic and may not be as durable as the Emofix (I did not personally test these other devices, so I am making an assumption here).

The one thing in common with all the devices is that you have to physically hold them, whether their design is a circle, square or oval. Utilizing a wrist strap will make it easier to use the device in active situations.

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Our EmoFix device was dropped and thrown more than a few dozen times by myself and kids onto pavement, wood, stone, etc. from as high as 20 ft onto stone stairs, and really has no damage to it other than a few scratches. This is where the construction of this device will stand out among the competitors.

The one negative with the EmoFix is replacing the battery. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to replace the battery. This does make it more water resistant and less susceptible to water leaks. I personally don’t leave my Bluetooth on all the time or carry my Emofix with me all the time, so this may extend the life of the device where replacing the battery or entire device every 3-4 years for $20 is not to bad. Technology enhancements and improvements during that length of time will usually occur so that I will want to replace it.

The Mooni seems that it would give the EmoFix a competitive run for it’s money and their donation to Sightsavers International is a great way to give back and add more potential customers. It’s difficult to say how much sales would be for this type of device, but with some intelligent marketing campaigns, the company should be able to easily compete with the other devices on the market. They may also have to drop the price so that they aren’t the highest in the group.

I personally don’t like to use selfie sticks and having a small remote device like this along with a flexible tripod (Gorillapod) is preferable.

Once self-autonomous drones becomes more main stream and affordable to take my action selfies, I’ll be relying on devices like the Emofix to help fill that void till then.

For more details, visit EmoFix official website | @EmoFix | Facebook